Grey Limestone Honed and Brushed Patio Paving slabs Mixed size Sawn 17sqm

Grey Limestone Honed and Brushed Patio Paving slabs Mixed size Sawn 17sqm
Grey Limestone Honed and Brushed Patio Paving slabs Mixed size Sawn 17sqm
Grey Limestone Honed and Brushed Patio Paving slabs Mixed size Sawn 17sqm

Grey Limestone Honed and Brushed Patio Paving slabs Mixed size Sawn 17sqm

GREY LIMESTONE HONED AND BRUSHED MIXED SIZE SAWN EDGE. NEXT DAY upgrade available on the checkout page. All our samples are offcuts from our actual Paving, measuring approx 100mm x 100mm. Our samples will give you a clear indication of the beauty of the stone.

Recommended 10% Allowance for Every Order. It is recommended industry standard that you add 10% onto your total measurements so that you have allowed for Cuts, wastage, breakages, and spares. GREY LIMESTONE HONED AND BRUSHED PAVING MIXED SIZES. SAMPLE = 1 X 100mmx100mm offcut of the paving. FULL PALLET 16.2SQM= 17 SQM ONCE LAID AND JOINTED(10-15mm Joints).

9.18 SQM = 10 SQM ONCE LAID AND JOINTED (10-15mm Joints). 4.32 SQM 5 SQM ONCE LAID AND JOINTED (10-15mm Joints). It is industry standard to allow an extra 10% for cuts, wastage and any breakages. Please consider this when placing your order. It is not always possible due to how fragile the slabs are in transit to send out smaller quantities or replacements.

Limestone is a great alternative to Sandstone, very hard-wearing and durable it is ideal for outdoor paving and driveways. Slightly more of a texture finished to the more riven Sandstone, yet still giving a natural rustic look. Limestone also is more consistent in the colour pallet to the vibrant tones of sandstone. Limestone will be tones of dark grey when dry and black when wet. We highly recommend you seal the Limestone to get the best look from the paving.

As with all natural stone, each piece is unique and comes with its own blends of colours and markings. Making no two pieces the same, this is the beauty of a natural stone. Please use our pictures as a reference only to the colours and texture, we have wet the paving to give you an idea of the look once sealed with a black limestone sealer. Thickness- 22mm Calibrated (-/+ 2mm Tolerance).

Sizes- 600x900, 600x600, 600x290, 290x290 (-/+ 3-5mm Tolerance). Finish- Honed and Brushed finish, sawn edges.

For Reference, it is advised before laying to use a product called SBR on the underside of the slabs, after installation it is recommended to wash the paving down with a jet washer, joint the paving using a jointing compound and once dry seal the paving with a Limestone breathable sealer. Limestone is a dense material and very hardwearing once laid and jointed, during installation the slabs can be fragile, it is recommended to use a rubber mallet and softly manoeuvre and tap the slabs into place.

We use 3rd party, haulage couriers. Breakages, On occasion due to the nature of the material being transported breakages do occur during transit, we check and photograph all of our deliveries prior to dispatch to ensure no slabs are broken. If when opening the crate you notice any breakages, these must be photographed whilst in the crate or lifting out. In most instances, the slabs can be set aside and used for the offcuts required in your project and it should not affect your installation if the 10% has been allowed. Once we have received your photos someone will be in touch to go through options with you. Quality and colouring : The stones are packed in the quarries in India, they do not go through a cleaning or pre-selection process, there maybe natural imperfections and markings. Some slabs will be slightly more riven than other slabs due to the natural cutting process. Due to the stones being natural, this is all to be expected. The paving is dry and chalky when packed, this may make the slabs look grey and dusty, please wet the slabs down and this will give you an indication of the colour variations once they have been laid, jet washed and sealed.

The pictures provided give an indication of the variety of colours, they are for illustration purposes only. These may vary due to the nature of natural paving. Some pictures are taken when the paving is wet to show the colour variation, Limestone is pale when dry. We want you to have complete confidence that your order will be delivered on time and with ease.

The couriers operate using a tail-lift and manual pump truck service therefore will only guarantee kerbside drop to the nearest access point on a hard stand surface. Deliveries cannot be completed on surfaces such as gravel, slate chippings, grass, soft verges or sloped areas. Deliveries can be made between the hours of 8am and 6pm. On all deliveries, where an accurate mobile number is provided, we will request that the courier to contact you approx 1 hour before they are due to arrive.

Tracking is also provided with your order once dispatch has been made. (Please Note we do not deliver to BT, GY, JE postcodes). Once the order has been received or in transit, we ask that you notify us within 7 days of receipt of the items. Riven: Textured, Slightly uneven, this natural surface results when stones like sandstone and slate are quarried and split. The type of stone depends how heavily riven the surface will be.

Shotblast: A textured surface is created as sand is blasted at high pressure. Shot-blasting is a similar process. The process often lightens the stone as well as masking the character by hiding the veins and fossils within the stone. Honed: Flat smooth, the stone is grinded and sanded using coarse grit abrasives to create a smooth but satin, non-reflective finish. Flamed: A rough textured finish results as the stone is torched with a flame which causes a thermal shock and fractures the crystals within the stone.

This is a popular way of finishing natural granite paving. Sawn Edge: The natural stone is sawn and without any other processes such as honing, tumbling or flaming, the saw marks are likely to be visible. Calibrated: Those which have gone through a machining process to ensure that they have a fairly regular and even depth (1-2mm tolerance) This makes them quicker and easier for professional installers to lay. Handcut: Paving is cut by hand/ chiselled edge, will be different depths on each edge, sizes and surface will be riven. Brushed: Steel or hard nylon brushes are used along with water to brush and wear out softer parts of the stone.

This creates a textured finish and an antique look. Raj Green Sandstone paving natural Indian Patio slabs Mixed sizes 22mm. Kandla Grey Sandstone paving Natural Indian Patio slabs 22mm Calibrated 600x900.

Grey Limestone Honed and Brushed Patio Paving slabs Mixed size Sawn 17sqm